Request for Proposals for a Vacuum Leaf Collector

Request for Proposals



*Un-Priced Technical Proposals *


To provide a







Warren County

Vicksburg, MS













RFP # 2021-0222



Requested by the

Warren County Board of Supervisors

On behalf of the Warren County Road Department

913 Jackson Street

Vicksburg, MS 39183






Publication Dates:                                                                                April 28, 2021 and May 5, 2021        


Question Submission Deadline:                                                            May 12, 2021 @ 2:00   pm CST


RFP Response Deadline (to submit Un-Priced Proposals)                       May 19, 2021 @ 2:000 pm CST


Reverse Auction Window (to submit Pricing):                                         June 03, 2021   

         10:00 am – 11:00 am CST         


 Estimated Award Date:                                                                                June 7, 2021









            The Warren County Board of Supervisors is seeking un-priced technical proposals from qualified heavy truck/equipment dealers/vendors to provide one new VACUUM LEAF COLLECTOR for use by the Warren County Road Department. Deadline for receipt of un-priced technical proposals is 2:00 p.m. CST on May 19, 2021. The Bid File Number is 2021-0222.  

            The successful bidder/vendor will be required to provide the standard Mississippi title application for issuance of a Vehicle Title for the Chassis by the Mississippi Department of Revenue Title Division. It is expected that Chassis Dealers and Add-Equipment Vendors shall work in conjunction to provide a ready to use unit for Warren County.


            Pursuant to Ms Code 31-7-13 and House Bill 1109, this equipment will be procured through a multi-step procurement process, including a Reverse Auction. In Phase One, un-priced technical proposals are evaluated for potential acceptability based upon pre-determined criteria. In Phase Two, only those bidders whose technical proposals are determined acceptable shall be invited to provide priced bids for consideration. The Reverse Auction is tentatively scheduled for June 3, 2021 from 10:00am-11:00am.  Warren County encourages vendor participation in this multi-step process. Complete instructions are provided in the specifications package.


                        The specification package and instructions for submission of un-priced technical proposals may be obtained by visiting the website Bid Now Solutions at or by contacting Penny Evans, Asst. Purchasing Agent by email, Proposals may be submitted via electronic or paper delivery means.  Paper delivery shall be to the Warren County Purchasing Department, 913 Jackson St, Vicksburg MS 39183. Late or incomplete proposals will not be considered.  Modifications will not be considered after the closing date and time.  The following criteria shall be used to evaluate un-priced technical proposals:


  1. Compliance with Request for Proposals/Bids submission requirements;
  2. Response to Technical Specifications of Equipment or Services required;
  3. Demonstrated experience, ability and resources of the vendor to provide Equipment or Services required;
  4.  Warren County’s experience with the bidder or manufacturer, brand or model offered;
  5. Warranty, maintenance and support services;


            Warren County reserves the right to conduct oral or written discussions of the un-priced technical proposals.  Bidders may designate those portions of the un-priced technical proposals which contain proprietary data they wish to remain confidential. The item or service procured shall be furnished in accordance with the bidder’s technical proposal and shall meet the requirements of the request for proposals/bids.


            A Bid Bond, Cashier’s or Certified check payable to Warren County in the amount of $500.00 shall be required in the event that a company’s proposal is approved for advancement to Phase Two. This surety will be required prior to accessing the online reverse auction bidding portal and/or submission of paper bids.


            The Warren County Board of Supervisors reserves the right to determine responsible proposing companies, responsive and most advantageous proposal(s), invite bids from multiple bidders, reject any and all proposals or bids and waive minor informalities in the proposal and bid process.  Warren County reserves the right to award a contract to the bidder(s) believed most advantageous to Warren County, price and other factors considered.


This notice is published pursuant to an order of the said Board of Supervisors dated the 22nd day of February 2021                   


                                                                          Warren County Board of Supervisor

                                                              By:  Penny Evans, Purchasing Agent


Publish:  4/28/2021,


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