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Chancery Clerk (9)

We cannot do title searches.  We are not allowed to give legal advice.  We are not attorneys and are not qualified to answer legal questions.

No, we do not accept credit cards.

In order to get a copy of our tax rolls, you will have to make a written request to the Chancery Clerk.

See the Fee Schedule .  We will research as far back as 1984 in the land records and back to 1996 in court records.

Copies of the fee schedule can be found on our web site. See the Fee Schedule 

Name of preparer, Name, Address and telephone number of both grantor and grantee.  Recording information is also required.

The Chancery Clerks Office records all Land records, including easements refer to those record series that may involve real estate. These include documents traditionally recorded in Deeds Books and Plat Cabinets, such as Deeds, Deed of Trust, Authorities to Cancel, Plats, Name Change Orders, and many other documents.  The Land Records Division also dockets and indexes judgments and files certain Uniform Commercial Code transactions that are a lien on real estate. 

to contact a Land Records staff member please visit https://co.warren.ms.us/chancery-clerk-contact-us/ and click on the land records tab. From there you can email one of our land records team members. Our office number is (601) 636-4415

We will fax a copy of these documents if you provide the appropriate information. See the Fee Schedule for related charges, payable in advance.  You must provide book and page number for land documents.

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