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Some registered voters are eligible to vote absentee because of age, health or work demands, or their affiliation with the U.S. armed forces. For example, voters who will be outside their county of residence on election day are entitled to vote by absentee ballot. Please check with your Circuit to determine if you are entitled to vote absentee and to learn the procedures for doing so.

Absentee voting deadlines come early to help assure your ballot is counted. If you know you will vote absentee, contact your Circuit  601-636-3961, at least two weeks before the election.

To be permanently excused from jury duty please fill out and submit this form.

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Applicants must obtain a marriage license

  • Marriage Licenses are issued by Appointment Only.  Call the Circuit Clerks Office  at (601) 636-3961 to Schedule an appointment and for instructions
  • Both bride and groom must appear together
  • Present valid ID of both (each must be at least 21 years)
    • birth certificate or drivers license
  • If under 21 , a parent(s) must sign or a court order may be required
  • Payment of Filing Fee –  See Schedule of Fees
  • Confirm any recent divorce is finalized (by a signed order) — the Clerk does not need proof
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  What is the Filing fee on a new law suit?


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Please visit our schedule of fees page

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