Free Port License


Mississippi law allows eligible warehouses, public or private, a license to operate as a free port warehouse and be exempted from all ad valorem taxes on personal property shipped out of state. House Bill 1075, which was passed during the 2002 legislative session, changes the free port warehouse law effective July 1, 2002. The license to operate the free port warehouse is no longer issued by the Department of Revenue. The license and the approval for the free port warehouse exemption are now executed by the local governing authorities (county or municipality). Each licensee shall file with the tax assessor by March 31 of each year, reports of inventory as prescribed by the assessor. The tax assessor shall have full power and authority to require the keeping of all records and the making of all reports by the licensee. The violation by the licensee of any provisions of this law shall authorize the revocation of the license by the tax assessor. Each licensee shall pay to the governing authorities for each license issued a fee in the amount of $10.00.

NOTE TO TAXPAYERS: If applying for Free Port License in the City Limits, you MUST fill out BOTH City and County applications. Also, see the pamphlet showing the Application Process for Freeport Warehouse Status in Warren County.

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