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Purchasing (9)

We have no official local preference policy.  We do attempt to support local businesses, and out of town businesses when they employ local people.

Send a completed W-9 form along with company information about what goods or services you provide to our mailing addres

Register for notice of bids at the MS State Contract Procurement Center.  Visit http://www.mscpc.com for complete information.  Bid are also posted in the Vicksburg Post, on our website

Purchase orders and invoices are processed as they are received and once all goods and services are verified, invoices are sent to accounting.

Invoices are paid generally once per month on the 1st Monday of each month, unless special circumstances exist.

  • up to $5000.00 – Open Market, no quotes or bids required;
  • $5000.00 – $50,000.00 – requires a minimum of two written competitive quotes
  • over $50,000.00 – requires public advertising for sealed bids or proposals thru a reverse auction process;


Note:  Construction is exempt from the reverse auctions and will be done with sealed bids either by paper or electronic.

Section 31-7-13 governs county purchasing.

Specifically, the purchasing agent or Assistant purchasing agent are authorized by law to issue a purchase order to obligate funds.

Start with the Purchasing Department at 601-638-7428.  If we can’t help, we’ll find the right person to connect you with.

You can visit the various departments and leave information and of course visit the purchasing department.   All sales people are welcome.

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