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Yes. If someone qualifies for a retired armed forces and a DAV tag, they can place each tag on a separate vehicle. The restrictions are limited to the qualifications of the person and the number of tags they can receive (1). This is true for DAV and ex-POWs. If a person qualifies for two exempt tags, they can place each on a separate vehicle. The exception to this is the Pearl Harbor & Purple Heart. These tags share the same section number and because of the wording in the section, a person can only receive one or the other.

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Specialty tags can be reissued to another car as long as the owner is the same. The special tag fee, if there is one, will be charged as if a new tag is issued. The fee does not transfer, but the tag can be reissued. We do this for the benefit of the owner since some people memorize their tag numbers. If they do not want to keep the same tag, issue a new one. The process is the same. Surrender the tag off the old car and register it to the new car.

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Mississippi law does not provide for refunds when an individual moves.

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Mississippi law does not provide for a cash refund when a vehicle is sold, but it does provide for a credit to be used against the purchase of another tag. The tag from the car that was sold has to be turned in. Credit is given from the first of the next month following the date of surrender. A credit certificate can be given if not purchasing a new tag the same month. Credit can only be given from the time the tag is turned in not from when the vehicle was sold.

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Schools calculate their own dollar requirements within the limits allowed by the State. The Board then figures the millage required to bring in the required funds for the schools and announces that millage.

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You should report this violation to your county Tax Collector’s office.

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The penalty is assessed on the total amount of taxes and fees (regardless of credits) and in the following manner:

5% — for first 15 days

10% — for next 30 days

15% — for next 30 days

20% — for next 30 days

25% — for next 30 days — at this point legislative tag credit is lost. 

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Many factors determine the tax rate required to maintain  the annual budget Including: 

  • Inflation and cost of living. 
  • Taxes mandated by the State Legislature. 
  • Public demand for additional and/or improved government services. 
  • Availability of federal and state aid monies. 
  • Bond maturity schedules dictating fluctuating millage.
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 To determine how much your tag will cost, you will need to contact your local county Tax Collector. In Mississippi, you pay privilege tax, registration fees, ad valorem taxes and possibly sales or use tax when you tag your vehicle. Registration fees are $12.75 for renewals and $14.00 for first time registrations. All the other taxes are based on the type of vehicle, the value of that vehicle, and where you live (city, county.) Does Mississippi have a temporary tag for passenger vehicles or drive out tags? Mississippi has a temporary drive out tag which can be purchased from the dealer who sold the car. The tag is valid for 7 working days from the date of purchase.

For an estimate of cost you can visit our Tag Estimator.

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You will need to get the lost or stolen tag form (76-903) from your county Tax Collector and have local law enforcement complete this form. The Tax Collector will issue you a substitute tag and decal. There is a $10.00 fee; or $2.50 for only the decal.

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 A mill is .001 or 1/1,000th of a dollar  or put another way:  A dollar is equal to 100 pennies  A mill is equal to 1/10th of a penny.   Millage rates are applied to five classes of property subject to taxation. These classes are:   

Class 1 –  

Single Family Owner Occupied 

Class 2 – 

All Other Real Property 

Class 3 – 

Business Personal Property  

Class 4 – 

Public Utilities

Class 5 –

Motor Vehicles

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If you wish to pay the total amount of taxes due at one time, payment is due on or before February 1. If you wish to make a payment on an installment, you may do so via mail or at the office.

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  • newly purchased vehicles — within 7 working days, exclusive of date of delivery, from purchase date
  • moving in from out-of-state — within 30 days of becoming a resident OR within 30 days after the vehicle enters the state
  • renewals — taxpayers are sent a notification 30 days prior to expiration (this is not required) and are allowed a 15 day grace period from the point of expiration before penalties will be assessed — however, the owner can still be ticketed if within 15 day grace period
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  • Initial Registration — after 7th working day following purchase 
  • If Registered in Another State — 30 days after vehicle enters the state 
  • Renewals — after end of 15 day grace period (15 days after the expiration date) 
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Tax statements are sent out the first week in December. If you don’t receive your property tax bill soon after this time, please contact the county at (601)-638-6181.

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